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May 28, 2020
May 1 Town Board meeting REVISION as of 4:40 p.m.
14-day quarantine is NOT lifted for those coming from other states to their 2nd homes until 5pm May 8.
1. Short-term rentals and hotel openings?
Hotels and motels can open as per governor’s guidelines May 8 at 5pm
Short-term rentals, too, if they first register with the town and if the occupants are made aware of restrictions in town regarding social distancing
 and regulations in businesses in town.

2. Change from curbside to inside takeout and review outside tables?
Inside take-out is now allowed, not just curbside pickup, but no sitting or dining in outdoor areas of restaurants.

3. Social distancing and mask requirements? When and Where? Mandated or Recommended? What about retail?
Retail stores may open May 8 at 5 p.m. No more than 10 people in a shop at one time. Social distancing is still required but masks are recommended.
Individual businesses can decide what is best for them but masks by employees is recommended as well as maintaining social distancing,
cleaning protocols, etc.
4. Opening of Recreation Facilities, park, bathrooms, tennis courts, etc.?
Tennis courts will open May 8 at 5p.m. Public bathooms will open May 8.
Indoor rec park and pool will remain closed. Playgrounds will still be cordoned off. Tables and seats are still cordoned off.  


Macon County Public Health received notice on Wednesday,
April 29, 2020, that a third Macon County resident has tested
positive for COVID–19. The individual is between the ages of 25-49,
the patient had contact with a known COVID-19 case outside of
Macon County. The patient is not experiencing any symptoms, and
will isolate at home for 14 days. No further information will be
released about this individual.

North Carolina Dept. Health & Human Services

Center For Disease Control & Prevention

Macon County NC Public Health

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